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This is a dating site that couples looking for a third woman into polyamorous relationship, that woman, also called Unicorn.

What is the Unicorn hunting?

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When a heterosexual couple seeking a bisexual girl or woman into their relationship as the a third on bed at night. This is a common thing especially with the rising trend of the urban polyamorous relationship.

Most of the couples thought seeking a woman into their relationship permanently is the best choice even better than female as the same choice when they facing.

The first thing people who have the willing to unicorn hunt is that they realized it could be so difficult to meet a real unicorn girl despite they are tried many times in your local bars and communities. Trust me, seeking them online and through some professional bisexual women dating site which including unicorn girls is much better and convenient that your common way but few people really known it.


UnicornHunting.org is the best unicorn hunters dating site for couples and unicorns, it doesn’t matter couples or unicorn you are, we all welcome you to join the unicorn hunting dating service. It match for many kind of bisexual individuals and couples including bi-couples, singles, transgenders and bi-curious people. If you want looking for a unicorn for fun or unicorn looking for couples, even unicorn hunting poly people, this is a new and ideal site for you.


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